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Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items

Welcome to Skulls Unlimited's miscellaneous items page. This is a place to view all our products that don't quite fit in any other category. As our product list increases we will be adding more items to this page. Please check back often.

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ORDERS in the Class Miscellaneous Items

Acrylic Products ( Acrylic Displays, Acrylic Jewelry )

Acrylic Products (Acrylic Displays, Acrylic Jewelry)
Skulls Unlimited now offers several natural specimens encased in attractive acrylic displays. Everything from necklaces, bracelets and rings to Acrylic displays of Insects and reptiles.

Natural Bone Arts and Craft Supplies

Natural Bone Arts and Craft Supplies ()
For years now Skulls Unlimited has offered damaged and discontinued natural bone skulls and bones. This is where you can find all the odds and ends of our supplies that really have no where else on the site they belong.