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Homo sapiens

Human Skulls & Skeletons

Skulls Unlimited offers an extensive selection of real and replica human skulls and skeletons. Real human skulls and skeletons are only obtained from legal and ethical sources, however, these specimens are becoming more difficult to find. All replica specimens are cast from an original, thus retaining various levels of detail. From our line of student quality replica teaching specimens to our replica museum quality forensic specimens to our real human skulls and skeletons, Skulls Unlimited is sure to have the specimen you need.

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Real Human Skulls & Skeletons ( Humans )

Real Human Skulls & Skeletons (Humans)
Real human skulls & skeletons are in limited supply. Your order will be filled as soon as possible. If the items you order are not in stock, you will be notified and placed on a back order waiting list. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please call for more information.

Replica Human Skulls & Skeletons ( Humans )

Replica Human Skulls & Skeletons (Humans)
All replica human skulls and skeletons are molded and cast from a real specimen and are of first class quality, hand-made from durable polyurethane. By starting with a real specimen, each cast possess accurately reproduced details such as fissures, foramina and processes. With real human bones material becoming so difficult to obtain, replica human skulls and skeletons prove to be a cost effective solution.