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Pigeons & Dodos

This order Columbiformes consists of 1 family, 42 genera, and over 300 species, and is comprised of pigeons and doves. These familiar birds have small heads, fleshy beaks, short necks, dense plumage, a large crop, and short legs. They all stay faithful to one mate and lay only one to two eggs. Their young are raised on a unique secretion known as "pigeon milk". Members of the order Columbiformes are the only birds that can drink by sucking up water, without needing to tilt their heads back. All Columbiformes are members of the class Aves or Birds.

Pigeon  (Columba livia)
Pigeon Skull
Natural Bone Quality A
Pigeon  (Columba livia)
Pigeon Egg (39mm)
Museum Quality Replica
Pigeon Ossicle Set (Columba livia)
Pigeon Ossicle Set
Natural Bone
Dodo Bird (Raphus cucullatus)
† Dodo Bird Skull
Mourning Dove (Zenaida  mmacroura)
Mourning Dove Egg (23mm)
Museum Quality Replica