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The order Rhynchocephalia contains only two living species, both commonly known as the tuatara. Externally, this ancient reptile resembles a lizard, but internally is very unique.Tuataras only live on the islands of New Zealand. Although they might superficially resemble lizards, tuataras are not in any lizard family. Rather, they come from a sister group to lizards and snakes. Some of the things that make tuataras different from lizards are their lack of external ears, a more formed parietal eye and a lack of hemipenes or even a penis in general.
There are some things that tuataras share in common with lizards. The biggest one is caudal autotomy. That is the animals are able to drop their tails when danger threatens.


Tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus)
Tuatara Skull
Museum Quality Replica
Tuatara Life Cast (Sphenodon punctatus)
Tuatara Life Cast
Museum Quality Replica