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The family Boidae consists of 43 species of non-venomous snakes. These relatively primitive snakes are found in The Americas, Africa, Eurasia and some Pacific Islands. Boas are carnivores, killing prey by a process known as constriction. After an animal has been grasped to restrain it, the snake tightly coils its body around the prey. Then, by applying and maintaining sufficient pressure to prevent it from inhaling, the prey eventually succumbs due to asphyxiation. The snake then swallows its prey whole.


ITEMS in the Family: Boidae

Red Tailed Boa Skull (Boa  constrictor)
Red Tailed Boa Skull
Natural Bone
Limited Quantity (?)
Amazon Tree Boa Skull (Corallus  hortulanus)
Amazon Tree Boa Skull
Natural Bone
One-of-a-Kind (?)
Anaconda (Eunectes murinus)
Anaconda Skull
Museum Quality Replica