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The family Colubridae is a broad family of snakes that includes about two thirds of all snake species on earth. Colubrid species are found on every continent, except Antarctica. Colubridae is not a natural family group. This family has classically been a garbage bin taxon for snakes that don't fit anywhere else. It is hoped that ongoing research will sort out the relations within this group.


ITEMS in the Family: Colubridae

Specimen in Glycerin - Garter Snakes ( )
Specimen in Glycerin - Garter Snakes
Natural Bone
One-of-a-Kind (?)
Trans-Pecos rat snake (Various sp.)
Trans-Pecos rat snake
Natural Bone
One-of-a-Kind (?)
Non-Venomous Snake  (Various species)
Non-Venomous Snake Skull
Natural Bone Quality A
Group of Snake Skulls (Lampropeltis  triangulum)
Group of Snake Skulls
Natural Bone
One-of-a-Kind (?)