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The family Soricidae includes over 370 species of shrews. Shrews are small, carnivorous, mammals with hyperactive metabolisms and an aggressive temperament. Unlike most mammals, some species of shrew are venomous. Shrew venom is not conducted into the wound by fangs, but grooves in the teeth. Additionally, several species of shrew have been shown to use echolocation, making them the only known terrestrial mammals to possess this ability.





ITEMS in the Family: Soricidae

Box-O-Damaged Shrew Skulls (Soricidae sp.)
Box-O-Damaged Shrew Skulls
Natural Bone
Limited Quantity (?)
Shrew Skeleton (Blarina  sp.)
Shrew Skeleton
Natural Bone
One-of-a-Kind (?)
Shrew  (Various species)
Shrew - Northern Short-tailed
Museum Quality Replica
Shrew  (Various species)
Shrew Skull
Natural Bone Quality A