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Chinchilla laniger

WSM-361: Chinchilla Skull (Natural Bone Quality A)
Chinchilla Skull
Natural Bone Quality A
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Chinchilla Skull - The Chinchilla, native to South America, has been domesticated and farmed for its fur for hundreds of years. During the mid 1900's, chinchilla fur coats sold for as much as fifty thousand dollars each. Due to over-harvesting for their fur, wild chinchilla populations have drastically declined and are now protected. Domestic chinchillas are commonly kept as household pets.

CLASS: Mammalia
ORDER: Rodentia
FAMILY: Chinchillidae
Origin: South America
Info About Tooth Count Diet: Herbivore
Info About Tooth Count Tooth Count:
I 1/1, C 0/0, P 0/0, M 3/3 x 2 = 16
Average Skull Length: 6 cm (2.4 in)

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WSM-361: Chinchilla Skull (Natural Bone Quality A) Natural Bone Quality A Chinchilla Skull
WSM-361-A: Natural Bone Quality A
Natural Bone Quality B Chinchilla Skull
WSM-361-B: Natural Bone Quality B
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