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Mountain Viscacha

Lagidium peruanum

WTQ-263: Mountain Viscacha Skull ( Replica)
Mountain Viscacha Skull
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Mountain Viscacha Skull - Native to the Andes Mountains of South America, the mountain viscacha is a medium sized rodent that externally resembles a rabbit or hare. This species is herbivorous, often inhabiting areas near water where the vegetation is succulent. The mountain viscacha makes its burrow in rocky crevices at elevations between 3000 to 5000 meters (9,842 to 16,400 feet).

CLASS: Mammalia
ORDER: Rodentia
FAMILY: Chinchillidae
Origin: South America
Info About Tooth Count Diet: Herbivore
Info About Tooth Count Tooth Count:
I 1/1, C 0/0, P 1/1, M 3/3 x 2 = 20
Skull Length: 7.7 cm (3.0 in)

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WTQ-263: Mountain Viscacha Skull ( Replica)  Replica Mountain Viscacha Skull
WTQ-263: Replica
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Mountain Viscacha (Lagidium peruanum)