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Bone Clones

Pigeon Egg (39mm)

Columba livia

WKO-408: Pigeon  Egg (39mm) (Bone Clones)
Pigeon Egg (39mm)
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Catalog #: WKO-408
Product: Pigeon Egg (39mm)
Quality: Replica

Pigeon Skull - The pigeon, originally native to Eurasia, has now been introduced World Wide. The pigeon has adapted to life along side humans very well and can be found in most modern cities. Introduced pigeon populations have caused declines in native bird species due to competition. Today, the pigeon is kept as a pet and is hunted for sport and food, but is generally considered a pest by most of humanity.

ORDER: Columbiformes
FAMILY: Columbidae
Origin: World Wide
Info About Tooth Count Diet: Omnivore
Skull Length: 5.5 cm (2.2 in)

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WKO-408: Pigeon  Egg (39mm) (Bone Clones) Bone Clones Pigeon Egg (39mm)
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Pigeon Egg (39mm) (Columba livia)
WKO-408: Bone Clones Egg (39mm)

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