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Bone Clones

Sandhill Crane Skull

Grus canadensis

WBC-134: Sandhill Crane  Skull (Bone Clones)
Sandhill Crane Skull
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Catalog #: WBC-134
Product: Sandhill Crane Skull
Quality: Replica

Sndhill Crane Skull - The sandhill crane ranges from Siberia to Alaska, northern Canada and in scattered areas throughout the United States. This large crane stands up to 4 feet tall. The sandhill crane is a gregarious species, congregating in huge flocks at feeding and nesting sites. This species is omnivorous, eating a variety of plants, insects, and small vertebrates. The sandhill crane uses its long beak for a "snatch and grab" feeding technique.

ORDER: Gruiformes
FAMILY: Gruidae
Origin: North America
Info About Tooth Count Diet: Omnivore
Skull Length: 20.3 cm (8.0 in)

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WBC-134: Sandhill Crane  Skull (Bone Clones) Bone Clones Sandhill Crane Skull
WBC-134: Bone Clones
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Sandhill Crane Skull (Grus canadensis)
WBC-134: Bone Clones Skull

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