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Natural Bone Quality A

Llama Skull

Lama glama

WSM-387: Llama  Skull (Natural Bone Quality A)
Llama Skull
Natural Bone Quality A
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Catalog #: WSM-387
Product: Llama Skull
Quality: Natural Bone Quality A

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Llama Skull - Although it is now a domestic species, the llama’s historical range included much of the Andes Mountains of South America. Domesticated by the Incas nearly 5000 years ago, this species has long been used as a beast of burden and a food source. In addition, humans have utilized the llama’s wool for clothing, its hide for leather and its droppings for fuel. The llama is a member of the Camelidae family. Llamas, like their wild cousins the guanaco, alpaca and vicuna, are herbivores.

CLASS: Mammalia
ORDER: Artiodactyla
FAMILY: Camelidae
Origin: South America
Info About Tooth Count Diet: Herbivore
Info About Tooth Count Tooth Count:
I 1/3, C 1/1, P 3/2, M 3/3 x 2 = 34
Skull Length: 30 cm (11.8 in)

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WSM-387: Llama  Skull (Natural Bone Quality A) Natural Bone Quality A Llama Skull
WSM-387-A: Natural Bone Quality A
WTQ-387: Llama  Skull ( Replica)  Replica Llama Skull
WTQ-387: Replica
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Llama Skull (Lama glama)
WSM-387: Natural Bone Quality A Skull

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