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Mountain Beaver Skull

Aplodontia rufa

WTQ-005: Mountain Beaver Skull ( Replica)
Mountain Beaver Skull
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Catalog #: WTQ-005
Product: Mountain Beaver Skull
Quality: Replica

Mountain Beaver Skull - Mountain beavers, not a true beaver, are heavy bodied rodents with short limbs. They are considered the most primitive living rodent. The skull reflects these primitive traits in that it is flattened over all and the auditory bullae, or ear bones, are flask shaped. This unusual skull allow a view into the distant past of rodents as well as mammals in general.

CLASS: Mammalia
ORDER: Rodentia
FAMILY: Aplodontidae
Origin: North America
Info About Tooth Count Diet: Herbivore
Info About Tooth Count Tooth Count:
I 1/1, C 0/0, P 2/1, M 3/3 x 2 = 22
Average Skull Length: 7 cm (2.8 in)

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WSM-005: Mountain Beaver Skull (Natural Bone Quality A) Natural Bone Quality A Mountain Beaver Skull
WSM-005-A: Natural Bone Quality A
SALE! SALE! Mountain Beaver Skull
WSM-005-B: Natural Bone Quality B
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WTQ-005: Mountain Beaver Skull ( Replica)  Replica Mountain Beaver Skull
WTQ-005: Replica
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Mountain Beaver (Aplodontia rufa)
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Mountain Beaver (Aplodontia rufa)
Mountain Beaver Skull
Mountain Beaver (Aplodontia rufa)
Mountain Beaver
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Mountain Beaver Skull (Aplodontia rufa)
WTQ-005: Replica Skull

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