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Limited Quantity Item Natural Bone

Crow Skull

Corvus frugilegus

This is a Limited Quantity Item

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WLQ-935: Crow Skull (Natural Bone)
Crow Skull
Natural Bone
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Catalog #: WLQ-935
Product: Crow Skull
Quality: Natural Bone

The genus Corvus consists of over 40 species of true crows. Crows are medium to large sized, omnivorous birds and can be found nearly worldwide. Since the selling, and sometimes possession, of North American crows is illegal, this Eurasian species makes the perfect substitution. Average length 3 1/2 inch.

ORDER: Passeriformes
FAMILY: Corvidae

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WLQ-935: Crow Skull (Natural Bone) Limited Quantity Item Natural Bone Crow Skull
This is a Limited Quantity Item
WLQ-935: Natural Bone
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Crow Skull (Corvus frugilegus)
WLQ-935: Natural Bone Skull

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