Real Cabbage Butterfly Life Cycle

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The Cabbage White Butterfly lays its eggs on the undersides of various roots and vegetables, like cabbage, kale, radishes, or hedge mustard. The Cabbageworm, (the larva of the Cabbage White Butterfly) is a velvety-green caterpillar that builds its chrysalis in the fall, hatching into a butterfly in the spring. Cabbageworms feed ravenously on their vegetable homes to save up enough energy to make their chrysalis and metamorphize through the winter. The Cabbage White Butterfly is mostly white with black spots at the top of its wings. The other side of its wings are a light yellow-green. Because they emerge in the spring, Cabbage Whites can be seen throughout the warmer months up until the end of fall. This specimen is set in transparent resin and shows the various stages of life of the Cabbageworm and its butterfly, making it a great decorative piece or educational display.