Real Nile Crocodile Skull

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Nile Crocodile -(Crocodylus niloticus)
The Nile Crocodile is native to the river systems of tropical and southern Africa. This large crocodilian can weigh up to 2000lbs (900kg) and grow to a length of 20 feet (6m). This large carnivore preys on mammals when they come to drink, submerging at the waters edge and attacking in ambush. Smaller crocodiles will also feed on fish, birds and other reptiles. These crocodile skulls measure on average 13 in length and is a beautiful representation of its species. Crocodiles are constantly breaking and regrowing teeth throughout their life, so these skulls may have one or two missing teeth. Please see photos for detail, call with any questions or concerns.
Average Skull Length: 33cm (12.9in)
Average Skull Width: 17.1cm (6.7in)
Average Skull Height: 9.8cm (3.8in)
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real replica Real
catalog type Limited Quantity
common class Reptiles
scientific class Reptilia
scientific order Crocodylia
scientific family Crocodylidae
scientific genus Crocodylus
scientific species niloticus