Real Ring-necked Parakeet Skeleton

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Ring-necked Parakeet -(Psittacula krameri)
The Ring-necked Parakeet is a tropical parakeet species that has an extremely large range, but are mostly found in Asia. These birds are popular as pets. This non-migrating species is one of few species that have successfully adapted to living in 'disturbed habitats'. This bird has withstood the ever present pressure of deforestation. In the wild, this is a very noisy species with an unmistakable squawking call. This one-of-a-kind skeleton is in beautiful condition and would be a nice specimen to articulate. Please see photos for details.


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catalog type One-of-a-Kind
common class Birds
scientific class Aves
scientific order Psittaciformes
scientific family Psittacidae
scientific genus Psittacula
scientific species krameri