Real Springbok Skull

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Springbok -(Antidorcas marsupialis)

The Springbok is native to portions of southern Africa. Similar to gazelles, the springbok is actually the only member of its unique genus, Antidorcas. A highly gregarious (herd-dwelling) species, springbok herds once numbered into the millions. Due to loss of habitat and hunting pressures, herds today rarely reach over 1000 individuals. This beautiful skull shows excellent bone quality and a nice set of horns.


Skull Length: 21cm (8.2in)

Horn Length (Tip to Tip): 8cm (3.1in)

Origin: Africa


real replica Real
catalog type One-of-a-Kind
common class Mammals
scientific class Mammalia
scientific order Artiodactyla
scientific family Bovidae
scientific genus Antidorcas
scientific species marsupialis