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Tree Hyrax -(Dendrohyrax arboreus)
The tree hyrax, native to Africa from Kenya to South Africa, inhabits forested areas. The variety of forested environments it inhabits ranges from alpine, montane, highland, lowland, and riverine forests. It lives in dens created in trees, either in a cavity or hollow of a decaying tree or a nook between branches These disarticulated tree hyrax skeletons may exhibit some very minor imperfections such a broken rib, missing distals, ect.
Average Skull Length: 10.4cm (4in)
Average Skull Width: 5.8cm (2.2in)
Average Skull Height: 6.9cm (2.7in)


real replica Real
catalog type Limited Quantity
common class Mammals
scientific class Mammalia
scientific order Hyracoidea
scientific family Procaviidae
scientific genus Dendrohyrax
scientific species arboreus