Replica Hominid & Ape Comparison Set

SKU: BH-49
Includes: Set Includes: BC-001 : BC-003 : BC-016 : BH-001 : BH-015 : BH-038 : BH-004
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This set includes a selection of early hominid and great ape replica skulls for use in comparative anatomy, anthropology and evolutionary study. Skulls are presented in this set at a significant savings. Perfect for the classroom with a tight budget! Set includes: BC-001 Gorilla Skull, BC-003 Chimpanzee Skull, BC-016 Modern Human Skull, BH-004 Homo heidelbergensis Rhodesian Man" Skull, BH-001, BH-015 & BH-038.
Origin: Africa


real replica Replica
catalog type Catalog Product
skeleton type Skull
common class Fossils
scientific class Fossil Hominids