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Solid Bronze Saber-toothed Tiger Cast

The hot bronze casting method involves an ancient process which dates back many thousands of years. It involves producing a hollow wax image of the sculpture which is then coated in a thick ceramic layer which is allowed to dry thoroughly. The wax is burned away leaving a ceramic shell into which molten bronze is poured. Once cooled, the shell is smashed away to reveal the casting which is then cleaned and patinated by heating the bronze with a blow torch and applying a variety of chemicals. This is then left to cool and wax polished. Hot cast sculptures can last many thousands of years whether indoors or outside in the elements. Product Type: Solid bronze Saber Tooth Tiger cast and stand Notes: Jay's personal collection Cast is solid bronze Product weight is 27 lbs Comes with stand Please see photos for details and call with any questions.

Authentic Grizzly Bear Rug

Grizzly Bear - The grizzly bear is a subspecies of the North American brown bear. Grizzly bears are found throughout much of inland Alaska, portions of northern and western Canada, as well as isolated regions in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. The grizzly is a large carnivore weighing up to 750 lbs. This species feeds on large prey such as moose, elk, and deer in addition to carrion and smaller mammals. Product Type: Real grizzly bear rug Notes: Jay's personal collection 96 inches greatest length, 91 inches greatest width 1 claw missing from the front left paw 1 replica claw on the left front paw Natural "rub" spots Tear on the fabric under the head Some staining Please see photos for details and call with any questions.