Museum of Osteology

Where in Oklahoma can you see the fully-articulated skeleton

of a 40-foot humpback whale? This nearly 2,500-pound skeleton

(which was featured on the Discovery Channel’s program

“Dirty Jobs”) can only be found at the new Skulls Unlimited

Museum of Osteology (which means the study of bones, skulls

and skeletons).

“This is the only museum that focuses just on the skeletal

system,” said Skulls Unlimited Director of Education Joey

Williams. “Groups can come here and learn about the form

and function and some of the adaptations of the skeletal system.

We also focus a lot on classification, so we have the different

taxonomic [the science of the naming and classifying of living

things] groups of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, a little

bit of everything.”

The museum’s 300-plus skeletons on display (representing a

small fraction of the skeletons in their collection) focus on the

form, function and adaptation of animals from all corners of

the world in a 7,000 square foot space that has been over seven

years in the making. The museum will offer programs, hands-on

activities and self-guided tours to groups and individuals.

The museum is scheduled to open to the public on October

1, 2010. Hours will be Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm, with

weekend hours not yet determined. Admission will be $5, with

children under 3 admitted free (one child per adult); group rates

will be available, applying to groups of 20 or more.

To learn more about the Museum, call 405-814-0006 or visit To learn more about Skulls Unlimited,

call 405-794-9300 or visit


Photograph of Museum of Osteology exhibits courtesy of Skulls Unlimited, Inc.


September 2010