Skulls Unlimited International, Inc. is committed to providing legally and ethically obtained natural bone osteological specimens as well as the finest replica specimens to the educational, medical and research communities. Through superior products, ever-expanding variety and outstanding customer service, Skulls Unlimited strives to serve our community as well as the World, in being the leading supplier of osteological specimens.


The evolution of Skulls Unlimited started when, at age seven, I found a dog skull in the woods near my home. When my father saw my interest, he encouraged me to find and collect other skulls, thus making it a life-long hobby. As I grow so did my skull collection. After graduating high school, I collected and sold skulls in my spare time while working as an auto body technician. As sales grew, my wife Kim and I began to clean skulls in our kitchen. Starting with a one-page price list, in 1986, we turned this unusual hobby into a business.

Four years later, Skulls Unlimited evolved from this small home-based business into a successful retail & mail-order company. Then in 1992, fueled by local and worldwide enthusiasm, we became Skulls Unlimited International, Inc.

Currently, we've earned a reputation with some of the most prestigious museums & educational facilities in the world for having the best quality, most professional services, and the largest variety of natural bone specimens found all over the world.

Many of you have requested species that are not available in natural bone. In order to accommodate your needs, as well as our continuing efforts to protect the environment, you will find more than 500 replica skulls & skeletons of rare or endangered species throughout this website. All natural bone specimens are legally and ethically obtained. Suppliers World Wide send skulls that would otherwise be discarded or destroyed, as they are collected.

We do not condone and will not support poaching of animals, nor do we approve of destroying an animal solely for the purpose of gaining an osteological item. Our suppliers and their sources obtain osteological material from natural & predator deaths, road kills, food source by-products in exotic regions, legal hunting & trapping operations, and from attrition in zoological gardens. You can be assured of, and take comfort in knowing that your purchase conserve treasures and promote the ethical utilization of limited resources.

In 2010 the we opened SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City, OK to showcase specimens from my personal collection. In 2015 a second museum location was opened in Orlando, FL. These museums allow Skulls Unlimited to showcase hundreds of skull and skeletal specimens acquired over the years, but also provide an insight on the otherwise hidden workings of the animal kingdom.  The goal of our museums is to serve as an educational experience, with the hopes that through education, an appreciation of the natural world will ultimately lead to conservation for the future.

With the continued growth of Skulls Unlimited and SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology, who knows what the future will hold?

Jay Villemarette