Articulations of a Porpoise Book

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This manual is a step-by-step guide to
preparing and articulating a small
cetacean skeleton. It is based on the
articulation of a Harbor Porpoise
skeleton, but is directly applicable to any
whale skeleton less than 10-feet long. The
manual includes a full set of illustrations
of a harbor porpoise skeleton. This is a
project that you too can do if you have
access to a porpoise or dolphin skeleton.
(49 Pages)

Porpoises are a group of fully aquatic marine mammals, that are sometimes referred to as mereswine, all of which are classified under the family Phocoenidae, parvorder Odontoceti (toothed whales). There are eight extant species of porpoise. They are small toothed whales that are very closely related to oceanic dolphins. The most obvious visible difference between the two groups is that porpoises have shorter beaks and flattened, spade-shaped teeth distinct from the conical teeth of dolphins. Porpoises, and other cetaceans, belong to the clade Cetartiodactyla with even-toed ungulates, and their closest living relatives are the hippopotamuses, having diverged from them about 40 million years ago.



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