Replica Cave Myotis Bat Skull

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SKU: BC-334
Size: 1:1 Scale - (0.7 in)


Cave Myotis can be distinguished from other large Myotis by the presence of a conspicuous bare patch on the back between the scapulae. Females give birth to one young per year in late April and May. Nursery colonies can contain up to 15,000 individuals, but colonies counting 1,000 - 5,000 bats are more common. Cave Myotis are also found hibernating in caves in central and north-central Texas.
1:1 Scale Skull Length: 1.7cm (0.6in)
8:1 Scale Skull Length: 13.3cm (5.2in)
8:1 Scale Skull width: 8.4cm (3.3in)
8:1 Scale Skull Height: 8.4cm (3.3in)
**The 8:1 scale has been photographed with 1:1 to show size difference.
Origin: North America


real replica Replica
catalog type Catalog Product
skeleton type Skull
common class Mammals
scientific class Mammalia
scientific order Chiroptera
scientific family Phyllostomidae
scientific genus Desmodus
scientific species rotundus