Replica Human Male Skull Set: African, Asian, and European

Bone Clones Inc
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This 1:2 scale human skull set allows for the study of characteristics suggestive of geographical ancestry (African, Asian, and European).
Some key traits for the analysis of geographical ancestry include eye orbit shape, palate shape, maxillary incisor shape, nasal aperture shape, presence or absence of nasal spine, and shape of nasal sill. Key features for sex assessment include size of mastoid process, robustness of browridge, shape of chin, angle of ramus, and shape and contour of forehead.


Also available as a separate set (Female: TSCOMP-122; Both Male and Female: TSCOMP-120 ).


real replica Replica
catalog type Catalog Product
skeleton type Skull
common class Fossils
scientific class Fossil Hominids
scientific order Order: Carnivora
scientific family Family: Ursidae
scientific genus Genus: Ursus
scientific species Species: arctos