Replica Homo habilis Skull (Economy Cranium)

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1.9 MYA. The Homo habilis Skull KNM-ER 1813 was discovered by K. Kimeu in 1973 at Koobi Fora, Kenya, and described by R. Leakey in Nature in 1973.
  • Skull Length: 17.6cm
  • Skull Width: 11.7cm
  • Skull Height: 13.0cm
Origin: Koobi Fora, Lake Turkana, Kenya 2.3 - 1.6 mya


real replica Replica
catalog type Catalog Product
skeleton type Skull
common class Fossils
scientific class Fossil Hominids
scientific order Order: Falconiformes
scientific family Family: Accipitridae
scientific genus Homo
scientific species habilis