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Arctodus simus (Cope-1897), which is more closely related to the Andean Bears, Tremarctos than to Ursus, have been found in several locations from Mexico to Alaska. Those specimens from Alaska, known as Arctodus simus yukonensis, are typically more robust than those specimens found in more southern latitudes. These bears were extremely large and weight estimates have been in excess of 1300 lbs. Notably, their limbs were very long and would have dwarfed both the modern Kodiak bear along with the Pleistocene European cave bear. This specimen was approximately five feet at the hip and stood about 15 feet tall. This specimen died approximately 28,000 years ago. Arctodus simus became extinct 10-12,000 years ago.
Skull Length 50.75cm (19.9in)
Origin: North America


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catalog type Catalog Product
skeleton type Skull
common class Mammals
scientific class Mammalia
scientific order Carnivora
scientific family Ursidae
scientific genus Arctodus
scientific species simus