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Teratornis merriami commonly called Teratorns or Merrian's Teratorn, is an extinct species of bird related to modern day condors and vultures. Many fossils of this large scavenger, possessing a wingspan up to 14 feet, have been found in the La Brea tar pit excavations. It is believed that the large dead and dying mammals drew Teratornis to the pits where they ultimately became trapped themselves. This species existed 10,000 to 8 million years ago and probably became extinct when the large mammals they feed on grew scarce.
Skull Length: 23cm (9in)
Origin: North and South America


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catalog type Catalog Product
skeleton type Skull
common class Birds
scientific class Aves
scientific order Falconiformes
scientific family Teratornithidae
scientific genus Teratornis
scientific species merriami