Replica Tyrannosaurus rex Skull Plaque

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(tie-RAN-oh-SORE-us) best known simply as T-rex, and first discovered by Barnum Brown in eastern Wyoming during 1900. Described by Henry Fairfied Osborn in 1905. T-rex has been debated to be both warm and cold blooded, preditor and scavenger. Tyrannosaurus made the news recently when viable protin was discovered in the fossilized bone of a new specimen. The concept of a slow moving, tail dragging beast has changed a lot over the 100 plus years since first dicoverd, and Tyrannosaurus is now thought to have been an agile hunter that may have lived in family groups.
Origin: North America


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catalog type Catalog Product
common class Fossils
scientific class Class: Mammalia
scientific order Order: Scadentia
scientific family Family: Tupaiidae
scientific genus Genus: Tupaia
scientific species Species: glis