Replica Vervet Monkey Skeleton

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Vervet Monkey - The vervet monkey, also called the green, the grivet and the Tantalus monkey, is native to Africa and is the most common of the savanna monkeys. The vervet monkey's physical description can be summed up as a medium sized primate approximately 40 to 60 cm (15.7 to 23.6") in length with a tale measuring 30 to 50 cm (11.8" to 19.6"). This species can weigh between 3 and 5 kg (6.6 to 11 lbs). "
Average Male Skull Length: 10cm (3.9in)
Average Female Skull Length: 9cm (3.5in)
Origin: Africa


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catalog type Catalog Product
skeleton type Articulated Skeleton
common class Mammals
scientific class Mammalia
scientific order Primates
scientific family Cercopithecidae
scientific genus Cercopithecus
scientific species pygerythrus