Real Sabertooth Cat Tarpit Finish 1:3 Scale

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Excavated from the famous La Brea Tar Pits, this specimen represents one of the largest, most complete saber-toothed cats ever found. This specimen's impressive canines measure 6.5" (16.5cm) long. This Pleistocene predator hunted by ambushing large mammals, slashing them with its canines, then following the animal till it bled to death. This species was also prone to scavenging dead and dying prey, which ultimately brought many of its kind to meet their fate in the tar pits. The saber-toothed cat became extinct over 10,000 years ago as its prey became more and more scarce due to human competition.


1:3 scale museum quality replica 3-part skull (separate cranium, jaw, and base)

Sabers are not removable

Skull is photographed with the life sized Sabertooth Cat (SBC-067T) for scale

Skull Length:12.4cm
Skull Width: 6.7cm
Skull Height: 9.5cm