Bone Builder's Notebook

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This is a companion reference book to any of the
other bone building manuals. Volumes 1 through 9
are step-by-step skeleton articulation guides; Bone
Builder's Notebook tells the rest of the story.

If you work with bones or desire to work with bones,
this is the answer book to questions you may have
about preparing bones or skeletons for use in
collections, or for display. It details how to acquire
bones, the different options for cleaning,
degreasing, and bleaching bones, the tools and
materials used for articulating skeletons, and
includes sections on identifying and siding mammal
bones, osteology vocabulary, and reference books.
Whether you are a bone enthusiast or a museum
professional, this manual has the information
pertaining to bone-work, that has been virtually
impossible to find in print--until now.
(145 pages)


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