Real Common Snapping Turtle Skull (X-Large)

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The turtle, considered the oldest of the living reptiles, first evolved around 200 million years ago. The snapping turtle gets his name from the defensive biting snaps it exhibits when threatened. This bite can inflict substantial injuries to the curious predator. The snapping turtle, like all species of turtle, have a modified skeletal structure that includes a boney carapace, or shell, for protection. This very large snapping turtle is in fantastic condition. Please see photos for details. Call with any questions.
Average Skull Length: 13cm (5.1in)
Average Skull Width: 9cm (3.5in)
Average Skull Height: 7.2cm (2.8in)
Origin: North America


real replica Real
catalog type Limited Quantity
skeleton type Skull
common class Reptiles
scientific class Reptilia
scientific order Testudines
scientific family Chelydridae
scientific genus Chelydra
scientific species serpentina


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