Real Piranha Skull

SKU: PF-402


There many species of piranha that occur in freshwater lakes and rivers of South America. This species has a bad reputation of being a vicious killer, when in fact, they are primarily a scavenger. Some species exist by taking small bites of larger fish, leaving their prey to live another day. Some species of piranha hunt prey by mass ambush. After the flood season, the Amazon River recedes leaving large temporary ponds inland, in which, schools of piranha become trapped. As these pools dry up and food becomes scarcer the piranha become frenzied due to starvation. Any unknowing beast that may stop to drink or try to swim across this pool may end up as a piranha feast. This behavior is most likely where piranhas have acquired their vicious reputation. The specimen pictured is only an example of the skull you'll receive, skulls will vary in size, shape and damage from that pictured.
Average Skull Length: 6 cm (2.4 in)