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Gigantopithecus is believed to be the largest primate to have ever lived. Although quadrupedal, when standing on it's hind limbs, Gigantopithecus would have stood nearly ten foot tall and weighed around 1200 lbs. This prehistoric relative of modern orangutans lived between 1.3 and .3 MYA. This reconstruction of the skull of Gigantopithecus was made by Grover Krantz. Krantz, a professor at Washington State University, was a proponent of the idea that Gigantopithecus was a bipedal ape, moving mostly on two legs.
Skull Length 21cm (8.2in)
Origin: China 7 mya 250,000 ya


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catalog type Catalog Product
skeleton type Skull
common class Fossils
scientific class Fossil Hominids
scientific order Order: Fossil Hominids
scientific family Family: Fossil Hominidae
scientific genus Gigantopithecus
scientific species blacki