Replica Human Female American Indian Skull

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This skull exhibits characteristics typical of a southwestern American Indian including broad, flattened, forward-projecting zygomatic bones. The facial bones are vertically aligned with a shallow nasal depression, a moderate nasal spine, an orthognathic jaw, and a vertical chin. The cranium is rounded with bulbous parietals and a complicated lambdoid suture. The orbits are rounded or squared and the zygomaxillary suture is relatively straight. The palate is wide and smoothly curved, supporting an elliptical dental row.
Skull Length: 20.3cm (7.9in)
Skull Width: 15cm (5.9in)
Skull Height: 16.5cm (6.4in)


real replica Replica
catalog type Catalog Product
skeleton type Skull
sex Female
common class Mammals
scientific class Mammalia
scientific order Primates
scientific family Hominidae
scientific genus Homo
scientific species sapiens