Replica North American Bird Eggs Set of 36

Bone Clones, INC
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Bone Clones Inc
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This set includes 36 North American bird eggs. Perfect for building a natural history display of common North American bird eggs or for use in ornithological studies. Eggs are also suitable to be used by rehabilitators for egg weaning. Each egg is cast from an original specimen and hand painted to match the original. Eggs are not mounted but each egg comes with a display stand.

Set Contains:

Eastern Bluebird Egg
Northern Cardinal Egg
Gray Catbird Egg
Brown Headed Cowbird Egg
Whooping Crane Egg
American Crow Egg
Mourning Dove Egg
Rock Dove Egg
Mallard Duck Egg
Bald Eagle Egg
Golden Eagle Egg
Great Egret Egg
Peregrine Falcon Egg
House Finch Egg
Northern Flicker Egg
American Goldfinch Egg
Canada Goose Egg
Red-Tailed Hawk Egg
Great Blue Heron Egg
Blue Jay Egg
Scrub Jay Egg
American Kestrel Egg
Killdeer Egg
Common Loon Egg
Western Meadowlark Egg
Northern Mockingbird Egg
American Robin Egg
Barn Owl Egg
Great Horned Owl Egg
Eastern Screech Owl Egg
Snowy Owl Egg
Osprey Egg
European Starling Egg
Whip-poor-will Egg
Eastern Turkey Egg
House Wren Egg